He clearly puts in retrospective the journey of Africa, the Africa that has a history rich with tradition and heritage,a gemic modern present time that carries with it a vibrant mixture of cultures and a mysterious future yet to be discovered.

With the Festival Sur le Niger you see the perfect image of Franco-phone west Africa.
You as well experience the synergies of these River side people.
It captures the ingenious creative tradition of Mali.All around you,it is generations of artistic creations (sounds and visuals) historicaly reminding you of what was and at the same time, what still is.
The present is one presented in a wide array of modern mediums.From the visual art exhibitions, the music/theater events and the media technology, you see the now.
Embracing modernity but understanding the need to keep what was, is a crucial component, effectively captured within the festival.

The asthetics of the art(s) are kept with strict adherance.
Understanding the Value of continuity Mamou has built for Segou a hatch for tomorrow’s Malian great talent,this he does through an apprenticeship model, with an assortment of tremendous great artistes guiding the young through their artistic journey.

Embedded with in the festival is an academic platform to Foster debate and grow ideas (symposiums).
Much can be explored ……………. one fact is that,Mamou has hovered over and built a nest for his City’s culture and arts, for them to retain their past ora, survive the rough winds of the present and discover the secrets that lie ahead.

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